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Note to those expecting...

Please keep football shaped objects away from your babies...  footballs lead to brain trauma (as the above photo clearly illustrates).

President's Challenge

President's Challenge! President's Challenge! President's Challenge!


C'mon... how fun is that?!?

I'm attempting to raise some $$$ for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society...

details can be found here: http://13in12.blogspot.com/


Nov. 7th, 2008

I'm concerned that amid the 'we won, they lost' celebration and hub-bub, that we're in danger of losing our focus. Let's be sure not to fall into a role where we expect 'change' to be something that's done for us, rather than by us... here's hoping that we can all remember that casting our ballots was only one step towards true change.

...please remember that the vote you cast was a commitment to working for the future that you want.

I write this as a reminder to everyone including my self... feel free to hold me to it... please...

Let's get out there and do good things!
With out making any sort of endorsements, I encourage those of you of have yet to vote to look closely at the issues before following party lines or voting uninformed... and when voting for public office, to look closely at the candidates record and how it pertains to the environment.

Oct. 8th, 2008

...taken off the ultralist...

"sometimes our perspective in life is just like our perspective in an ultra.

along the way we encounter many difficulties,
and many chances to become discouraged.

we can become focused on nausea, economic disturbances,
getting off course, blisters, injustices, bad weather, soreness,
fatigue, setbacks, malaise, etc.
all the problems that seem to fill up the immediate now.
it can be so easy to dwell on the bad things 
and feel like we are getting nowhere.

but every so often we come to a high point,
and with perfect clarity can see how far we have come,
and how beautiful the place is where we are at.
and then we realize that it is precisely the difficulties that made it all worthwhile.

it is always our own choice, in an ultra or in our life,
to bemoan what is wrong or to revel in what is right.



Happy healthy heart!


For those who didn't read my 'I hate my TV' post, let me state again that "The Biggest Loser" is my guilty TV pleasure... like really, really guilty pleasure... each episode is 2 hours long (!!!) yet I watch the entire thing (unaided by Tevo - sadly)... but I'm not posting to express my guilt or bag on TV some more...

On the Biggest Loser a week or 2 ago the doctors gave each contestant their "Real Age", I've done this online test before too and have always been relatively happy with the results but it's good to reevaluate on occasion, so that's what I did today... once again, I'm younger than my years on this earth!

Actual age = 27 years, 3 months
"real age" = 24 years, 6 months

...also, though I'm not overly concerned with it, I've clearly dropped weight in the last 6 months or so... when my wife and I broke down and bought a scale I was weighing in between 166 and 171, now I'm coming in between 159 and 164.5, the fluctuation has to do with time of day, clothing, pre or post exercise etc. but clearly the range has dropped a good 5 lbs. +  that's awesome... ideally I'd like to get closer to 155 and I'd still like to lower my blood pressure a bit too but that all has to do with my diet more than my activity levels

Hurray! I'm finally back to actually steady training... I've been running 'when I feel like it' for what seems like forever, sure that was often enough to keep up a general fitness level but I still felt like a lazy slob, now instead, I'm sort of dreading Friday as it'll be my first 'rest' day, thankfully Saturday morning has a nice 10 mile hike scheduled and Sunday has a 15 mile run scheduled... here's how now 'til Feb. looks for me...


As if the fitness aspects of it weren't great enough, I'm already getting the mental benefits as well, I've been more focused and more relaxed just in the last couple days... I really enjoy being me!

Because beer wasn't hard enough...

I was considering limiting my television use to 3 things, DVDs, Nintendo, and the NFL for an undetermined length of time, but then it struck me, The Office, 30 Rock, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Biggest Loser (my guilty pleasure) are all returning soon (if  they haven't already)...

It's sort of depressing knowing that's what's keeping me from not watching TV, I mean, are those shows really that good? Do I really feel that fulfilled after watching? The answers are "no" & "NO" yet I know I'll watch. I'll watch because I'm lazy, because my friends will ask me if I watched and not understand why I wouldn't, because, well, because they're on... if you ask me, that's pretty gross actually... I really do have more will power than that... (right?)

Well, anyway, I'll take some common advice.. everything in moderation (except running, f*ck that)... I'm gonna cut out some TV, but , beyond that I'm gonna stop planning around TV shows... so here's my new schedule...

Monday - monday night football (or what ever else I feel like doing)
Tuesday - biggest loser (or what ever else I feel like doing)
Wednesday - what ever I feel like doing
Thursday - the office and 30 rock (or what ever else I feel like doing)
Friday & Saturday - what ever I feel like doing
Sunday - football, simpsons, family guy (or what ever else I feel like doing)

Sense a trend.... stupid TV...